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Juicy fruit juices are a product of know-how and experience of the best European experts in the preparation of fruit juices from ripe and healthy fruits. They are of proven quality and may meet the daily requirements for all necessary ingredients needed for a healthy and proper functioning of the body. They are completely free of preservatives. Sixteen different flavours will satisfy even the pickiest. In addition to superb taste, Juicy wins also with attractive design. The cardboard packaging is of 0.5 litres and 1 litre, while the glass gastronomy pack is in 0.2 litres.

Juicy Fruits are noncarbonated refreshing fruit drinks enriched with vitamin A,  B, C and E, based on natural spring water (source of St.Jana), with 12% fruit content. The production is based on a top aseptic line that allows direct filling in PET bottles without preservatives. They are produced in five different flavours: red orange - apple, lemonade, apple, multivitamin, orange - nectarines.

Juicy Vita is a tasty and healthy vitamin drink with exclusively natural aroma and colourings. Juicy Vita compensates the lack of vitamins in the nutrition which is good news for all those who regularly consume meals of poor nutritional value, and it is offered in three flavours, orange, lemon grapefruit. And remember-  one glass of Juicy Vita drink complements even 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins!

Juicy KIDS drinks for kids -100% apple and 100% orange represent a rich source of vitamin C, with no added sugar or preservatives, and in its composition have no artificial colourings and sweeteners. They come with a "sensory" straw with four small holes at the top, making the consumption of this beverage very entertaining.

100% super drink!

Juicy FRESH are natural juices obtained by pressing and squeezing directly from selected apples, oranges and cycles. Juicy Fresh fresh drink is an ideal solution for a nutritionally complete and refreshing meal.


Juicy TO natural fruit juices have a high nutritional value with a wide range of high fruit ingredients in eight flavours: nectar exotic, 100% orange, ACE, blueberry red, orange nectar, apple nectar, multivitamin nectar and thick nectar.

All eight flavours are filled in practical cardboard brick packaging in 1 litre packs and are completely free of preservatives.

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