Structure of organization

The structure of the organization of Stanić Group is set to the optimum – a defined hierarchy with clearly established rules, which within the Group are the basis for the overall functioning of all segments.

All sectors are connected to each other in order to ensure maximum results and effectiveness.

The system

The system represents the basis of how work in the company is set up. Particular attention was paid to the development of systems of communication, planning, analysis, monitoring and quality control of all our processes.

All these criteria must be in accordance with the general strategy of the company and trends of development, as well as with the expertise of our employees who can realize this strategy and in this spirit share common values and the mission of the company.

Human Resources

The selection of employees is imperative for us. People are the carriers of all processes and form the core of our organization. By understanding and appreciating the needs of employees, investing in their development, by motivating and stimulating them, the efficiency of the company is being increased.

Extraordinary attention towards our employees is being dedicated through the monitoring of work of each individual, where innovative, promising and proactive individuals are being recognized whose further development we wish to encourage.


The core values of Stanić Group constitute and create the meaning of our company culture. They unify us as one team and they confirm what Stanić Group presents in the business world. Our core values are based on our long tradition and represent a step towards the future.

The responsibility for the promotion of the values is on all of us and they are alive in the extent to which we, all company employees, live them. We accept the principles, not as a set of rules that prescribe us something, but as values that motivate, inspire and fulfil us with positive energy. They drive us to achieve superior results, everyone in his field of work, in our teams and in general - as one company.

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